1.  My transformation journey began a long ago. As a very young child, really. I'm going to take you way back into a past journey. The mind of a child who was restless in thought and continually hungry for greater understanding. Always conscious of her environment. Family, friends and even strangers who would at moments be a part of her path. Looking at the way individuals around her behaved. Sometimes in great admiration of their kidness, generous deeds and loving actions. Acts that she found to be magical in spirit. She enjoyed when others cared for one another, shared smiles and were giving of themselves. 

However, there was always another side to this journey she was to encounter. Because not everything was always what it appeared to be. Not during certain moments of her journey anyways. At times witnessing the sadness, anger, pain and struggle that others around her were challenged with. Feeling at moments completely helpless of the circumstances before her. Thinking to herself, "There must be another way". She was right. There was another way. However, somehow those around her didn't quite seem to understand that about their journey. 

Because this child was not just part of an evolving journey; but of a huge world around her that brought forth many scenarios throughout her path. Some moments were enlightning and pleasant. Yet other times she could not make sense of what was before her. That's when she became more conscious of the environment surrounding her daily life. That humanity was capable of destruction. Of creating chaos, division and that of engaging in senseless acts that harmed others. Yet despite what this child witnessed before her, she knew deep inside that humanity was much more capable of being a better people. She knew that something lied deep inside the powerful force of human WILL. 

In her mind she thought, "Do they have the WILL?" That force within which she knew could transform the path they were in. This young girl knew that those around her: family, friends and complete strangers were acting out because something deep, at the internal core of their being was anchoring them from being the best they could possibly be. What was that force she thought? That negative force that didn't allow for them to evolve? Yet somehow she experienced an illuminating moment of realization. It became more clear and apparent to her what the core issue was. Why some individuals could face the same tragedy, challenge, obstacle and adversity yet each of them reacting and acting out in different ways. Some where able to carry on and improve on whatever scenario in their journey they'd faced. Yet others were not able to overcome that part of their journey. Keeping them anchored. Paralized in a moment in time. 

This is where this young girl's journey began. She knew she could help others evolve. From there on that vision of "A New World; A New Journey. That Of Transformation" began. That vision of a new world; a better people led her to carry out a global mission of transformation. My name is Connie Avila-Von Leitner. I am a global transformer. My journey has been one of helping transform people's lives for the better. Why? Because since I was a young girl, I knew every individual carried the WILL. That powerful force that I speak of every single day. I believe that if we begin to love ourselves, accept ourselves and value ourselves as powerful beings, that we can and will transform not just our own journey but that of the world as a whole. 

I believe in you! I understand you've been faced with great challenge, adversity and tragedy. However, that is just a moment in your journey. That should not represent your entire image. Because i've said this a million times. Image is not superficial, yet the internal core of what each individual represents. You are a being of great value. You can improve on the circumstances in your life that have held you from feeling and being the star that you are. What's your passion? What do you dream of becoming? What do you wish to obtain? It can all become manifested in your life. Begin the process of transformation. Focus on yourself. Because in order to manage anyone or anything around you, you must be able to manage yourself first. To be happy, healthy at peace within yourself and productive in society. 

My sole focus this 2014 is to lead, influence and encourage your new journey of transformation. My honest question to you is: "Do you carry the WILL?" That powerful force within that says, I CAN DO THIS! I can transform my life. The only one that can prevent your journey from positively evolving is, YOU! I will be here to help you with the process. Because a very long time ago, I believed in you; even before I met you....

Connie Avila-Von Leitner