"For It Is Not In Your Nature To FAIL; Yet Only To Be Tested That You May Develop Strength".   #ConniesQuote  

The Most Ironic Thing About Having To Evolve Throughout My Journey Is That I Also Have Experienced, Lived And Conquered "Tragedy, Great Challenge & Pain". As All These Years I've Been Devoting My Life To HELPING Others. Yet Not Without Having To Conquer Some Ironic Twists Of My Own. Which Is Precisely Why Now I Am Driven, Endlessly Passionate And Encouraged To Continue Helping Others Elevate Through   #Transformation . 
There's A Three Step Process That Is Necessary In Order For Me To HELP Others. 

  1. Accountability
  2. Guidance
  3. Transformation

All Of Which Are Completely Essential In Evolving Business And Individuals Forward. Without One, It Is Not Possible. Why You ASK? Because In Order For Me To Bring Forth Guidance As An #ADVISOR ,  The Business Or Individual Must First Recognize The Issue At Hand. After A Process Of Internally Working With Them, The Amazing Results Begin To Manifest Themselves Through #Transformation .

This Is What I Wake Up Doing For Others Each And Every Day. What A More Rewarding Passion It Is For Me. Influencing And Evolving Others In A More Guided And Positive Direction In Life. Tell Me... How Can I HELP You? #Transformation That Helps Create A Global Difference. 

Connie Avila-Von Leitner    Global   #TRANSFORMER       #Advisor